Advanced Autism Diagnostic Interview (ADI-R)

Advanced ADI-R Training Workshop
Dates: August 3, 2020 - August 5, 2020

Registration fee: $2200 for the 2.5 day course

The Advanced ADI-R Training Workshop provides researchers and clinicians with the training necessary to achieve fidelity and research reliability in the administration and scoring of the ADI-R. Workshop participants will be provided with collaborative feedback as they practice administering and scoring the ADI-R. After the training, the UCSF STAR Center will also review reliability tapes and provide feedback for those wishing to formally establish research reliability.
If you are using the ADI-R for clinical purposes and do not need to use the ADI-R for research purposes, it will be possible for you to purchase a manual, protocols, and training videotapes from Western Psychological Services (1-800-648-8857 or at and use them in your clinical practice. It is strongly recommended that you purchase and view the ADI-R training videotapes before beginning to use the ADI-R for any purposes. However, if you have any plans to use the instruments in research, you must attend the ADI-R Research Training and establish research reliability with us or with another designated group. If you are a clinician not conducting research, you are welcome, but not required to come to the workshop. Requirements of your profession determine if you should administer the instrument if you are using it for clinical purposes only.

Note: Prior to attending training, you will need to have access to an ADI-R manual and ADI-R protocols. For information about obtaining these materials, contact Western Psychological Services. Educational discounts on ADI-R materials are available for research use and use in training. Authors of the ADI-R training materials, receives royalties when people purchase these materials.

Application: Coming soon!
Please submit your application to [email protected]

Your seat is not guaranteed until payment is received. Payment instructions and invoice will be sent upon receipt of your application. Credit cards will incur a small fee.

Phone: (415) 502-1072
Email: [email protected]
Location: 401 Parnassus Ave
San Francisco, CA 94143

The STAR Center reserves the right to evaluate whether a site or individual has the infrastructure to make the best use of our training.